Support the NRA while choosing a home insurance policy at competitive rates

Through your membership with the National Rifle Association, you’re eligible to select from a variety of exclusive insurance policies and take advantage of generous pre-negotiated NRA group discounts.

How you can save:

  • Get discounts for insuring multiple cars or by packaging your home* and auto policies
  • Additional discounts available for having a good driving record and driving a safe car
  • Convenient and affordable payment options are available, including credit card billing**

Learn more about Auto & Home Insurance

Call (877) 491-5087 to speak with a MetLife Auto & Home representative.

*Home coverage may not be a part of this benefit offering in FL, GA and MA for MetLife Auto & Home®. Consult your agents for coverage and discount availability and your policies for policy restrictions.

**Credit/debit card use is optional. The same insurance is available regardless of the payment method you choose. You may pay by cash, check or credit/debit card.